Drill My Hole – Repeat Offender

After seeing Johnny Rapid in action you’ll be hooked. Same goes for Rafael Alencar. These two men are hot. To see more join Gods Of Men. You’ll get access to the full network. Gods Of Men doesn’t launch a new scene as often as some of the other sites do but when they do have a new release it is definitely worth seeing. They only use the best looking, most muscular men in their scenes. The latest scene released is called Special Day. It’s an erotic story of two sexy lovers, Rafael Alencar and Johnny Rapid.

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This story is hot and unfolds so well. Johnny Rapid is working at home. He is keeping a close eye on a small box, perfectly wrapped with a ribbon. It looks special. Rafael Alencar is on the phone. He has arranged for tickets and a night out with friends. Johnny Rapid is quiet. He’s a little disappointed because it’s their anniversary and it seems Rafael Alencar has forgotten. What can he do to make up for it? He can start by sucking his massive 8.5 inch cock.

As Johnny Rapid gets naked you can see his gorgeous, dark body. His balls and cock are shaved. Rafael Alencar goes down on him, working his cock in his mouth. He deep throats him, taking every inch, for a good long time. He then stands and strips. He gets ready for the real intense action and bends over the table. Johnny Rapid wastes no time. He gives it to him right then and there. He fucks the bearded guy hard, and he fucks him soft. This is a great inter-racial scene. Rafael Alencar rides his cock on the table. His nuts are seen hanging, his own cock hard as can be. The hardcore continues then finally ends with an explosive cum shot. After both guys have recovered Johnny Rapid gives his lover his gift. The box. I know which gift I’d be happier with.

The Black Room

Rafael Alencar in the The Black Room, the guy with the huge map on his wall with pins in where the guys who owe him live. The map with lines across it linking men to men to him. This is the Black Room series from Gods Of Men and the man who owes Rafael big time is Saxon West.

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I first found Saxon West in Big Dicks At School, the hardcore schoolroom, college guy, younger/older site from Men.com and he leapt straight out of his school uniform and into my heart. Actually, he was in a locker room fuck-fest orgy scene so it may have been Jizz Orgy I first saw him in, another of the sites you get to access she you join Men.com – you get a great deal with that membership, go and take a look after you’ve finished reading this post. I remember Saxon West from one particular hot scene where he was seducing his older school master, but that’s another story.

Back to The Black Room and the hot and hung Rafael Alencar. Within seconds of the scene starting we see Saxon tied up and begging to be released. There’s a very well played out scene, decent dialogue and well handled, it’s like a psychological thriller going on here, but one that soon turns sexy when Rafael lets Saxon go; he unties him – which is a bit of a shame as Saxon West in a BDSM scene would be something I’d pay good money to see. But Saxon in any sex scene is worth watching and very soon he’s doing what he does best: sucking the big cock of an older, hairier, taller, top guy and loving it. Rafael Alencar, by the way, has an eight inch cut cock and Saxon can get all of it down his throat no problem.

The suck-fest runs on as Rafael teases Saxon’s mouth with his cockhead, plays with the boy’s face as if it were a toy, then makes him gag and you get wonderful shots of Saxon looking up with his puppy-dog eyes, begging for more dick in his throat… But these guys are strong and Saxon is something of a gymnast and is there to be used. Rafael holds him upside down, they 69 while standing up, and then he rolls the younger guy onto his back and lifts his legs, showing his smooth ass off, and just plunges his eight inches straight into the guy’s hole. No mercy but Saxon loves it, his own boy-cock is rock hard and being pumped while his ass takes a battering.

What did I say about seeing Saxon West in a BDSM scene? Well, he does end up getting fucked with his hands held behind his back and the scene does have some rough sex play elements in it and he ends up back in the ropes where he started. But you should really go and see all that for yourself.

Rafael Alencar Group Sex

Thanks to Manhunt Mobile, Marco Paris and Nick Marino are just one new message away from hooking up with Rafael Alencar. All three men are rock hard and ready when they finally meet in the same room. Rafael’s massive anaconda dick is practically bursting to be let out of it’s confines, and it takes both Marco and Nick to release and contain it. Both men fall to their knees and take turns tasting, licking and sucking it, while also slapping iton each other’s face. Soon Marco pushes Rafael on his back and proves his ability to bottom by taking Rafael’s horse cock deep into his ass, all the way to the base. Next Nick straddles Marco and has Marco’s hard cock up his hungry ass, and now they are in a magnificent three way fuck, with Rafael repeatedly pulling out of and pushing back into Marco’s ass, showing no mercy.