Drill My Hole – Repeat Offender

After seeing Johnny Rapid in action you’ll be hooked. Same goes for Rafael Alencar. These two men are hot. To see more join Gods Of Men. You’ll get access to the full network. Gods Of Men doesn’t launch a new scene as often as some of the other sites do but when they do have a new release it is definitely worth seeing. They only use the best looking, most muscular men in their scenes. The latest scene released is called Special Day. It’s an erotic story of two sexy lovers, Rafael Alencar and Johnny Rapid.

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This story is hot and unfolds so well. Johnny Rapid is working at home. He is keeping a close eye on a small box, perfectly wrapped with a ribbon. It looks special. Rafael Alencar is on the phone. He has arranged for tickets and a night out with friends. Johnny Rapid is quiet. He’s a little disappointed because it’s their anniversary and it seems Rafael Alencar has forgotten. What can he do to make up for it? He can start by sucking his massive 8.5 inch cock.

As Johnny Rapid gets naked you can see his gorgeous, dark body. His balls and cock are shaved. Rafael Alencar goes down on him, working his cock in his mouth. He deep throats him, taking every inch, for a good long time. He then stands and strips. He gets ready for the real intense action and bends over the table. Johnny Rapid wastes no time. He gives it to him right then and there. He fucks the bearded guy hard, and he fucks him soft. This is a great inter-racial scene. Rafael Alencar rides his cock on the table. His nuts are seen hanging, his own cock hard as can be. The hardcore continues then finally ends with an explosive cum shot. After both guys have recovered Johnny Rapid gives his lover his gift. The box. I know which gift I’d be happier with.