rafael alencarBorn in 1970, gay pornstar Rafael Alencar is well-known in the public eye for being a pornographic film actor and soft-core performer. Mr. Alencar buff body is truly a piece of art. It tends to allure numerous of men and women around the globe.
Before he became the hunk that he is right now, Rafael Alencar was actually a bit overweight while growing up in Portland, Oregon. This actor was a victim of bullying throughout his teenage years. He definitely did not live the life that he is living now, as people back then used to despise him because of his body weight. For this reason, when he finished high school, he decided to enroll in Oregon State University to study Health Science and Sport.
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It all started with a model job

Rafael has mentioned that going to school to study this career is one of the best things he has ever done in his life, as he learned how to effectively lose weight by controlling his eating habits, eating healthier and exercising on a daily basis.
Once he began to lose weight, Rafael began to find his inner confidence. It took him a while to find it, as he once thought he wouldn’t amount too much in life because of his weight issues. As soon as he began to believe in himself and pave his own way after receiving his degree, he decided to take the xxx modeling route.
Winning Ball
Rafael Alencar auditioned for a handful of magazine publishing companies that needed male models with great bodies for a couple of photo spreads. At first, Mr. Alencar thought that he was going to struggle for somebody to give him an opportunity, as he was aware that the modeling industry is a very difficult business to get into. But to his surprise, he began receiving calls from interested magazine publishing companies,right away.
For a few years, Mr. Alencar was a regular in various fitness magazines. For a moment, he became one of the most wanted male models in the industry, as his body is truly one-of-a-kind and tends to inspire others to take good care of their bodies.

When did Rafael start doing real gay porn?

At a bodybuilding show, Rafael Alencar met an erotic photographer. This photographer invited him to partake in a couple of nude photo sessions and gay porn films. Rafael accepted the offer, as the pay was very tempting.
Many experts in the industry thought that his acting was on point, which helped Rafael garner a couple of well-known awards in the industry. For a moment, Rafael felt on top of the world, but he soon began to feel a grand emptiness within.
Rafael Alencar doesn’t feel satisfied with his fame and riches, anymore. It appears that he is getting tired of people only wanting him for his looks. It has been mentioned on various media online sites that Rafael Alencar is thinking about using the education he received at Oregon State University to help teenagers with their overweight issues. Mr. Alencar doesn’t just want to be a odel and actor…he also wants to change the world by doing something more meaningful.