Mail Order Husband Part 1

By | September 30, 2016

Drill My Hole’ shows you what it is like to make up after a big heated argument with your boyfriend, thanks to the great filming of Men and its good looking hunks. Rafael Alencar and Brendan Phillips make a great couple as they bounce around in the bedroom.
Brendan Phillips is a smooth blonde haired young man with a great body and innocent looking brown yes. He is only five foot five inches tall and he looks so sweet that you will just want to take him home with you. He has a seven inch cut dick and loves to have a cock, any cock fucking him up his super tight English asshole. Brendan has starred in ten hardcore flicks for Men so far, and over 30,000 of us watched him getting fucked in his school uniform in ‘Ivy League’ parts 1 and 3.

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Rafael Alencar is a slightly older man full of muscles and has a lovely eight and a half inch uncut cock. He is a versatile man who just loves sex. He has short cropped brown hair, brown eyes and is five foot seven inches tall. Rafael has starred in thirty flicks for a gay pay website and his most popular watched movie so far is ‘P.O.W.’ which ended up in a great orgy with jizz spurting everywhere.
This series starts off with both Brendan Phillips and Rafael Alencar both stark naked, their thick cocks dangling between their powerful legs as they are argue. It seems the end of their relationship but a little while later they start to make things a lot better as they make up on the couch.
Brendan leans forward and presses his lips hard against Rafael’s. Rafael feels his cock getting hard straight away and quickly pulls his pants down. Brendan can’t wait to get his eight and a half inch cock into his mouth so he gets down and as he feels the weight of Rafael’s ball sack in the palm of his warm hand he takes his cock into his mouth and starts sucking. Rafael lets out a soft sigh of excitement Brendan sucks him up and down. Rafael wants to pleas Brendan as well so h gets him to stand up so he can suck on his cock. Brendan leans forward and pinches Rafael small hard nipple as he gets his cock deep throated. Both men take it turns to suck on each other’s hard dicks until Brendan wants to get his slutty tight ass fucked.
Brendan gets on to his hands and knees on the couch and moans out softly at first as Rafael gets his asshole ready for his cock by licking his asshole all around its rim and then as deep inside as he can go. Brendan moans get a bit louder as Rafael slides his finger in and finger fucks his ass for a while, loosening it up all the time for him.
Brendan moans out loud now as rafael alencar gay porn plunges his cock deep up his ass and fucks him doggy style. Both of them moan out in unison as Rafael picks up his speed and just keeps ramming his cock in and out of that sweet tasting asshole of Brendan’s. It’s like they are on heat as they fuck hard and fast in all sorts of positions. Brendan Phillips shouts out with a final cry of pleasure as he sits on top of Rafael Alencar’s cock as his cock throbs and he spills his cum onto the floor in front of him. Rafael stands up and sends louds of boiling spunk shooting down over Brendan’s young smooth chest.
After their passionate love making the argument starts and finishes with Rafael throwing Brendan out of the house.
A great passionate start to a brand new series “Mail Order Husband” by and I can’t wait to see what happens next in this room in Madrid.

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