Payback’s a Bitch

By | February 4, 2015

Braxton Bond cannot sleep. Instead of laying down and resting he goes out looking for men to sleep with. Braxton cannot sleep so he is up and walking around looking for some fun. He finds company in Rafael Alencar as he is relaxing in the park. Rafael is a good looking guy with brown hair and blue eyes. Best of all he has a huge cock. He also has a very round bottom. Braxton is not too bad himself. He has red hair, brown eye, a nice ass, and also a large cock. The men talk for a little and then they head back to Rafael’s place both very aware of what is about to happen. Rafael takes Braxton’s cock and puts it in his mouth.
As it turns out Braxton is a natural redhead. Rafael is not surprised that he has a huge cock and its fat as well. Braxton is naked in no time and Rafael plays which his cock and balls before taking his pants off as well. Braxton then returns the favor to Rafael. He begins to suck on his large cock making sure that it is all the way hard. The men head off to the bedroom where the action continues. Rafael takes a seat on Braxton’s face and puts his tongue way into his ass. He is doing this to make sure that it is nice and lubed up for what is about to come.
The action only gets hotter and more intense then here. Braxton puts his large cock all the way into Rafael who is willing and waiting for it. The men are going at it and Braxton is not taking it easy on Rafael. He is really ramming him. Rafael is tanned and Braxton is pale which makes the sex look even hotter. Braxton continues to give it to Rafael until he pulls his cock out and cums all over his back. Rafael is really to share his excitement as well. He lets his load go all over Braxton’s face. This sounds much more fun the staying in and going to sleep.

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