Rafael Alencar Tube

By | October 27, 2014

A man is walking alone at night. The streetlights cast his shadow on the path ahead but barely light the darkness under the trees. And in that darkness, shrouded by shadows, stands a younger man, nervously watching and waiting. He watches as the older guy approaches and he knows what is going to happen. They guys face each other and talk and the younger man, Rafael Alencar, moves into light so his youthful features can be seen by the older, Colby Jansen.

Colby need to let go some sexual frustrations, the Rafael Tube agrees to help but they guys have to walk away apart; no one must know the kind of things that Colby gets up to after dark. He takes his Streetwalker back to his hotel and orders him to get naked. Rafael does as he is told but there is a certain amount of nervousness involved, you wonder if he has done this kind of thing before. He sits on the bed, stroking his cock to get it hard and Colby comes back, taking his boy into the bathroom. The younger guys unzips his jeans, takes out his manly cock and starts to work on relieving some of that stress using his mouth, as a slow sensuous suck session starts.

Starts and progresses, and lasts a lovely long time. Eventually though Colby decides it’s time for some ass and he orders his streetwalker to sit on his cock. Rafael sits on it and his cute little ass opens up to take the length. He’s doing what a good little boy of the night should do, pleasing his punter, teasing his trick with his soft ass and bouncing up and down in it to get the full feeling of Colby’s long length drilling into him. Then the boy gets bent over and fucked from behind, Colby slapping his ass as he doggies him fast and noisily; big muscled man drilling twink ass facing the mirror, flesh against flesh.

He lets his boy of the night lie on his back and jerk his own dick as he drills that ass, until Rafael can’t hold back and spews his cum out over his stomach. Colby cums soon after, shooting his man-jizz onto Rafael’s tattooed chest, finally getting rid of that pent up tension and then quickly dismissing his boy, sending him away into the night.

This is another hot scene from Drill My Hole and sees one of its most popular exclusive models, Colby, teamed up with one of its most popular non-exclusive models, Rafael. It’s a nice mix of older younger too.

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