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By | January 12, 2015

To be a decent porn star you have to be able to do a few things: get your dick hard when called for, shoot a load (the money shot) and be good to look at, as whatever genre or ‘type’ you happen to be. To be a great porn star you also need to have character and acting ability, but to my mind, to be a really, really great porn star you need to be natural in front of the camera and forget that it is there. I started watching this new scene from Str8 To Gay, titled ‘Cheating Husband, part 1’ and was interested to see how the new guy would do.
Updated 30 May 2020 : Longer video

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The new guy here is called Rafael Alencar and he’s a good looking (twink category I suppose), bottom guy who stands five-eight tall and has green eyes, and a seven and a half inch cut cock. Okay, so we’ve seen a lot of cute guys come along and make a scene for porn sites and then never be seen again, and I think that’s because they don’t have all those things that you need to be a really, really great porn star; and let’s face it, there’s so much porn around these days we demand greatness from our models. But, watching young Alencar in his debut movie, I reckon we have the makings of a great star here. Right from the start he is natural, and I mean in his acting alongside experienced hand Tony Hunter, the other sexy reason to check out this movie. So, if his acting in the intro is good, I wonder how he’s going to make out while making out in the sexier part of the scene.

It’s a pretty simple task he’s been given; he’s a masseur and Tony is his client. Tony, the straight guy, was hoping for a chick so he could get deep tissue and that all important ‘happy ending’, as he calls it. Rafael tells him he can do that for him and so, after a little reluctance, Tony Hunter agrees. That only takes one minute so you’re not waiting long for the hands on skin action. And that action lasts for several minutes where Rafael slowly massages Tony Hunter, all the time tweaking his towel down a little, so we start to see Tony’s cute rump coming into view. And all the while we’re fantasising about how it would be to have this sexy young guy do just this to our back and legs, and then backside, where he gets his thumbs dug deep into Tony’s Forza’s smooth ass cheeks.

Tony turns over, as directed, and there’s his eight inch cut cock just lying there. It’s too much for Rafael to resist so, after a while, he starts work on that ‘happy ending’, slowly with his hands and then slowly with his mouth, deep-throating it and licking it as we get in really close, between Tony’s legs at times so nothing is missed. This slow cock sucking soon leads to some harder face fucking as the straight guys fucks Rafael’s mouth hard and fast, his nuts hanging low and swinging beneath. Those nuts are very soon tight and risen up as Tony Hunter plunges his dick into the on-screen virgin ass of Alencar. And here’s where the natural playing comes in; these two guys lose themselves in the acting, forget the cameras are there and we get a perfectly natural fuck scene, with full on sound that runs on for a great long time.

It’s Rafael who gets the deep treatment now with Tony Hunter fucking his ass with his eight inch dick, and then getting his face splashed with straight guy cum. It’s a really hot scene and Rafael brings himself off at the end. I reckon we’re going to see a lot more of this natural young performer and next time we do, I’d like to see more of his dick in action. His ass is hot, make no mistake, but he’s left us wanting more which is, after all, a very good thing.

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