The Bodyguard

By | December 16, 2014

‘The Bodyguard’ stays with the very British theme of master and servant as we revisit the upper class establishments of the British ruling classes. There are a few things here that are stiffer than a stiff upper lip though and the first sight we get is of the adorable Rafael Alencar in a very smart outfit arriving at the ‘Downton’ of the porn world, some grand home in England. So, what’s this all about then? Well, if you missed it, ‘The Bodyguard’ was a pastiche of ‘Downton Abbey’, the hit UK TV series and here at ‘Men Of UK’ they are continuing the story. Previously the new lord of the manor had called for his old valet, who was not that old actually, and it turned out that the two of them had a past life together. Okay, and so here we have the lush and totally beddable Rafael arriving as a visiting grandee, dapper and well turned out.

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Rafael is soon served by the exquisitely dressed and incredibly horny to see in a footman’s outfit, Daniel Johnson. Now then, we have not seen Daniel since 2013, so it’s great that have got him back and have used him again. Blonde hair, blue eyes, six foot two tall, strapping, handsome, eight inch cock, uncut and a top, he’s well matched up against Rafael , the slightly more experienced porn star; brown hair, blue eyes, six foot tall and with an eight inch cut cock. Both have these great British accents and cute boy-ish looks and there’s some neat acting too as Rafael tries to teach the footman to dance. This tango lesson soon leads to a dance of a more intimate nature as class barriers fall away and the handsome lord kisses the handsome footman. Upstairs the socially ordered brain of the upper class lord is saying no, this isn’t right, but downstairs in his pants his dick is telling him something else.

The boys move to the couch and the heavy petty continues, turning ere long into some dirty talk and a slow undressing of the master. The footman, James, soon whips the master’s masterful cock from his dress pants, but not before a long teasing exploration of every inch of the bulge through his black tight fitting trousers. Alencar orders his servant to stick his tongue out and start licking his long shaft and then he starts to invade the footman’s privacy with it, deep throating him a while. The guys soon strip off their trousers, amid more kissing and dirty talk, and sucking, and Pau gets Daniel Johnson bent over forward on the plush so he can open up his ass and lube it up ready for some hard dick-work pounding. That kicks in, after some nice ass cheek slapping, at around 13 minutes in, and the usual top, Daniel Johnson, sounds like he’s having trouble taking Rafael’s full length.

But the master is not paying attention to his growls and complaints, this boys’ ass is here to be used and Alencar pounds away on Daniel Johnson’s ass long and deep and hard as the top-turned-bottom calls and grunts and complains, his heavy balls hanging low as Alencar mounts him from behind. Settling into the feeling, he then sits on Rafael’s cock and his own is nicely flaccid and heavy, long and slapping around, with blonde pubes on show, this section makes for really horny viewing. In fact the whole scene does, both guys are stunning and sexy and cute, and when they finally let go their loads it’s noisy as both eight inch cocks spew out and footman Daniel Johnson gets wet as the master’s dirty talk carries on into the final fade.

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